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an IT based solution that helps our members and subscribers to properly, efficiently and effectively plan out their food supply and structure a sustainably food supply year in year out

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About Us

FOODBANKING AGRO COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD is an IT based solution that helps our members and subscribers to properly, efficiently and effectively plan out their food supply and structure a sustainably food supply year in year out.

The simple truth is that money has several demands and for every home, food budget is usually the first budget; and of all the basic needs food takes absolute priority. Since food still cannot fall from the sky like water, neither can it be harvested from the stream, or dug from the well, man must plan adequately to provide food.

All though generation man has always found ways and manner to ensure that food and feeding have preplanned for, sadly this needless burden has placed unnecessary strain and burden of providers in every home. Especially as the uncertainties of life was completely distort a plan. If salary fails to come as at when due, or an investment goes bad, or maybe a pressing medical emergency arises, many homes goes from being food secured to near starvation with a tiny time frame.


What we provide is an effective yearlong Foodplan where basic food items are provided for our members and subscribers. This way our subscribers can fully make a Foodplan that works for them, they can now decide to budget suitable amount of money for food per month.

FoodBanking is basically a digitalized foodbarn that helps store your year long food produce virtually, and you can have them delivered to your doorstep at organized intervals.


  • To Provide food security to our subscribers and relieve our subscribers from the burden of what to eat.
  • To ensure that our subscribers are provided with the cleanest, safest, and most hygienic food items all year round.
  • To satisfy our individual subscribers desire and demand.
  • To be the biggest and best brand in this sector in the world.


  • To become a vehicle for the reduction and ultimate eradication of hunger, starvation, malnutrition in Nigeria, Africa and the world.
  • To end food shortages and wastage, and help in proper distribution of food items in Nigeria and the world.
  • To utilize the use of information technology in the process of food budgeting, food storage and distribution.
  • To ensure that anyone, anywhere, can plan a life without the fear of food shortages and food uncertainties.
  • To build the biggest and best brand in food security and food insurance scheme anywhere in the world.

With FoodBanking, you can;

Avoid excessive spending on food

Create a suitable food budget that works for yourself

Save much more on food supply

Limit the hassle of market runs

Get your basic food items delivered to your doorstep

Never be in a position where you have no food to eat

Avoid excessive storage of food items

Avoid wastage of food items

Be food secured

What We Offer

With Foodbanking, you can either get the option of a transactional one bulk prepaid purchase, targeted at a specific function, i.e buying foodstuffs for a festive season or a ceremony ahead of time, or even supply for end of year or quarterly food items for staff union, this category is known as Foodbanking Bulk Purchase. This way we can serve your needs ahead of time and handle your food contract and supplies effortlessly.

Our Packages

We offer three packages namely;

Starters pack where you can buy a monthly plan of ₦10,000 Only

Combo Pack where you can buy a monthly plan of ₦25,000 Only

Super Combo Pack where you can buy a monthly plan of ₦50,000 Only

Diaspora Package Where you can buy a monthly plan of 200 US Dollars

Please note that subscribers must have purchased at up to a quarter (i.e. three months), before their account can be activated for our service.

starter package

Starter Pack


  • Rice (5kg)
  • Beans (5kg)
  • Garri (5kg)
  • Palm Oil (1.5 litre)
  • Semolina (1kg)
  • Vegetable Oil (1.5 litre)
combo pack

Combo Pack


  • Vegetable Oil (3 litre)
  • Rice (10kg)
  • Beans (10kg)
  • Garri (10kg)
  • Palm Oil (3 litre)
  • Poundo Yam (3kg)
  • Tomatoes (10 Sachet)

Super Combo Pack


  • Semolina (5kg)
  • Rice (25kg)
  • Beans (20kg)
  • Garri (20kg)
  • Vegetable Oil (5 litre)
  • Palm Oil (5 litre)
  • Poundo Yam (5kg)
  • Milo Refill (750gm)
  • Milk Refill (750gm)
  • Tomatoes (12 Sachet)

Our Reach

From Nigeria to the world, Foodbank provides the best of Nigerian farm produce to every nook and cranny in Nigeria and also around the world.

Yesssssss Nigerians in Diaspora are not left out of this wonderful service, we delivery the best of Nigerian foodstuff to homes worldwide.

Delivery Time

Delivery Time
We boast of a 72hrs delivery time nationwide, and a Weeklong for subscribers outside Nigeria, however owing to COVID regulations, should there be any unexpected delay, we shall relay this information promptly to our subscribers, and ensure that you are served within the shortest possible time.

For more information, please reach us at customercare@foodbanking.ng

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What our users are saying!

I believe in planning, most of life problems are as a result of planning, and as far as I'm concerned, Foodbanking is the best food plan anywhere in the world. I'm so proud it's a Nigerian product. So easy to use, so easy to plan. I'm never worried for food scarcity in my house all year long.

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Hakeem Haruna

All my boys are using foodbanking, no more oga I dey hungry, I know I've solved what they and their family would eat. It's the women that are happier sef. They are more grateful, they can sleep knowing that they never have to worry whether their husband an provide food next month or next year.

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Chief Anyoaka

Life can be easier, life can be happier. Using foodbanking app has brought so much sanity and organization to our home and finances. This app makes a whole lot of sense....

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Erica Oladele

Foodbanking is the best advice I can give an average family. If you're not using foodbanking, you're not doing wellll

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Alhassan Yusuf

Food Banking App is really a Life Saving. I can't image what would have happened to my family during the lock down.

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Alice Edache

Frequently Asked Questions


Simply download FOODBANKING APP on Playstore or visit WWW.Foodbanking.com and follow the simply ease to use steps.

You do, however you can also subscriber through the internet, just visit WWW.FOODBANKING.COM and open an account, please be sure to protect your password. On no account should you give out your password to a third party.

Yes you can operate a Benefactor’s account for your workers or family members, you must fill the beneficiaries name and address. Otherwise you can open an account for an individual, just provide the individual's name and address, and be rest assured that every months the individual would be provided with stable food items.

You can fund your account with as much money as you desire, but you wont be able to make withdrawals unless you have at least six months payment for new subscribers or at least up to two months for regular subscribers.

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